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<5 Programmable Keys>
5 Programmable Keys are specially designed for learning original remote's basic functions (Power, Channel, volume, and mute etc) of your TV, sound bar, and A/V receiver etc. Groups your devices into one remote activities instead of only controlling one device at a time. Easy to program and much nicer button layout & response.
The built-in "gyroscope " makes it can feel the "direction" and "speed change", Simply waving the mouse by hand to control cursor movement. Now, we can sit on the couch to control multiple devices, play motion games, surf the Internet, and chat with friend etc. Do anything you want on just one remote.
Compatible with ALL DEVICES which utilize Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10, Linux, Mac and Android operation system (with a standard USB interface). 
200mAh actual capacity built-in rechargeable Cobalt Li-ion battery which is more longevity. Thanks to the advanced unique rechargeable battery which can last for over 12 hours uninterrupted work, the standby time is about 1000 x 12 hours when the battery is charged in full! No need to turn on or turn off any more, Take it and enjoy it anytime anywhere!
1.Long press the "IR" button, indicator light will convert from fast flashing to slow flashing, the Air Mouse to enter IR learning mode.
2.After the Air Mouse and TV remote control have been infrared transmitter aligned, press the power button of the TV remote control, then indicator light shall be on, indicating that the Air Mouse has receive the code value that from TV remote control.
3.Press Infrared code value reserve storage key of the Air Mouse, the indicator light becomes slow flashing, which means that theAir Mouse has received the code values.
4.After the success of learning, you can press “IR” button to exit learning mode.
Easy to install:
1. Take out USB from the package and Insert it into a standard USB interface of your device.
2. Please wait for about 20 ~ 60 seconds at the first time using, To install the USB receiver drive automatically.
3. Wave the remote, It will match successfully when you see the cursor is moving on the screen.
4. If not success, please press and hold the "OK" button, then press the "IR" button, and the green indicator will start flashing. When the green indicator stops flashing, It will match successfully.
5. You are ready to use!
Package Included:
1 x G7 Remote 
1 x USB Dongle 
1 x Built-in Rechargeable Battery 
1 x USB Charging Cable

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