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Mechanical Keyboard Punk keycap RGB lighting effect Metal panel
This keyboard adopts BYK901 Taiwan's high-performance Flash MCU, supports USB2.0 (full speed 12Mbps) transmission mode, configures the startup horse light effect and other combination lighting effects animation,supports common game mode button backlight function and custom button backlight function, supports more
A kind of super cool L ED lighting effects  FN+1 to 8 keys for fixed game mode button lighting effect,FN+9 – 0 button for customer custom lighting settings.
Connection method: Wired
Keyboard keys: 104 keys
Keyboard backlit: RGB color
Shaft type: Blue shaft
Keyboard Interface: USB
Keyboard cable length: 160cm
Key life: 50,000,000 times
Work voltage: 5VDC
Working current: 300mA (max.)
Keyboard Size: 44.5X13.7X3.2CM
Keyboard Weight: 798.2g
Packing size: 50*18.5*5cm
Product gross weight: 960g
Product Packaging:
V800 Mechanical Keyboard *1
User English Manual *1
Keyboard light operation guide:
FN+“INS”=light effect mode switching26 kinds of light mode switching)
FN+ “←” =Speed of Light Movement
FN+ “→” =Light speed slows down
FN+ “↑” =Light enhancement
FN+ “↓” =light brightness weakened
Game mode lighting and button customization:
1FN+1=Game mode 1 (FPS)-ASDW↑ ↓← → ESC bright
FN+2=Game mode 2 ( CF) – ASDW Ctrl Alt Space RGQEB 1~5 
FN+1=Game mode 1 (FPS)-ASDW↑ ↓← → ESC bright
Game mode lighting and button customization:
FN+1=Game mode 1 (FPS)-ASDW↑ ↓← → ESC bright
FN+2=Game mode 2 ( CF) – ASDW Ctrl Alt Space RGQEB 1~5 Tab
FN+3=Game mode 3 ( COD) – QWERTASDFGCV 1~7 Ctrl bright
1~7,9~0 Ctrl Alt bright
FN+5=Game mode5 (LOL) – QWER DGFBV Ctrl Alt Tab Space 1~6 Esc
FN+6=Game mode6 (Car Race) – ASDWR↑ ↓← → Ctrl Altbright
FN+7=Game mode7 ( ) – AFSWRE Ctrl Alt Space↑ ↓ ← → ZXCV 1234 bright
FN+8=Game mode8 (LOL) – QWERDFB 1~6
FN+9=Custom mode1 – self design
FN+0=Custom mode2 – self design
FN+9 and FN+0 custom modes can be used in any function mode, custom mode button recording (FN+HM) and storage (FN End).
How to use the light custom mode:
1): After pressing FN+9 or FN+0 to enter the corresponding custom mode,
2): Press FN+HM to enter the custom spot color recording state, press any key that needs to be turned on or off to make the status. After completing the setting, press FN+End to store.
3): Press FN+Pg up to clear the light recording and resume the light recording mode.
Keyboard FN Combination Functions:
FN+F1 = Computer
FN+F2 = Search
FN+F3 = Calculator
FN+F4 = Play
FN+F5 = Prev Track
FN+F6 = Next Track
FN+F7 = Play/Pause
FN+F8 = Play stop
FN+F9 = Mute
FN+F10= Volume -
FN+F11= Volume+
WIN+L= Lock the computer desktop
1.Shut off the computer;
2.Plug the USB of keyboard to the port of computer;
3.Turn on the computer and system will setup automatically. Then they can be workable in secondsno need for driver.

Package Included:
V800 104 key  Wired High Special  RGB LED Green Switch Mechanical Keyboard

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