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1. Item: Keycap Set
2. Caps Amount: 61 Key or 64 Key
3. Material: PBT
4. Profile: Profile
5. Thickness: 1.5mm
1. This keycap set is profile, higher than Cherry profile.
2. The keycap is made of durable PBT material, the thickness is about 1.5mm.
3. It can be used for most Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh and all other MX switches keyboard.
4. Pleast notice that it is only the keycaps, keyboard is not included.
1. This keyset is compatible with most of standard keyboard whose spacebar is 6.25u, if the spacebar is 6u/6.5u/7u instead of 6.25u, it can't be compatible, such as some HHKB Cosair.
2. Some old Cherry keyboard whose Spacebar Capslock back hole is different is not compatible.
3. Some Costar stabilizer keyboard whose spacebar may be clicky for thick caps.You can adjust the wire or cut the edges of inner spacebar.
4 .can be used in Anne pro 2  Royal Kludge RK61 Geek GK61 GK64
Package Included:
1 * 61 Profile PBT Thick KeyCaps 

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